3D Visualisation and Animation Services
GMCG was founded in 1997 by Gordon Merrilees.

Originally qualified as an Interior Designer, Gordon first sat in front of a 3D modelling computer in 1985. Tasked with producing CAD drawings and 3D models when this type of production was still in its infancy, he developed skills and techniques through self tuition. There were no college or university courses teaching this subject back then.

Over the years, as technology developed, so did Gordon's expertise. After 7 years running an architectural firm's CAD system, he decided to focus on the work he enjoyed the most: 3D Visualisation.

So now, GMCG exists to provide high quality photo-realistic 3D visuals and animation to almost any industry.

Keeping overheads to a minimum, GMCG can offer production quality normally associated with much larger studios but at a fraction of the cost.

GMCG has links and associations with other CGI professionals, so no project is too large. Our software is 'state of the art' and can produce extremely complex visualisations. From simple 2D vector graphics to virtual tours of architectural environments or mechanical operations, GMCG can help you present your ideas and designs in a dynamic, effective and convincing manner.